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Cheryl Gerson, Therapist

Couples Counseling, Individual Psychotherapy and Group Therapy

For over 25 years, I've done couples counseling, individual psychotherapy, and group therapy. Licensed in Clinical Social Work, I'm also a Board Certified Diplomate and have an Institute certificate in psychoanalytic psychotherapy. I'm in private practice in New York City.

We’re born ready to be in relationship, but I think you'll agree that your relationships can also be a source of suffering. Sometimes life can feel pretty bleak. You've hit a wall and can't find a way around it. Is it all a big mistake ? Should you just give up and move on?

This is the choice point which brings normal people into therapy. Your old solutions aren’t working on your present problems. You can give up, cash in, move on to the next, and hope a change of venue will resolve your struggle. Or you can dig in, re-invest, and take the risk of challenging some old beliefs or behaviors.

The latest science does tell us that our brains can change. What a concept!

Throughout my experience as a therapist, I’ve been able to help "hopeless" couples re-discover each other. I’ve helped "stuck" people free themselves. I’ve encouraged parents to find the most useful ways of dealing with their kids . I’ve sat with grief for as long as necessary, until the person’s own life-force is rekindled.

If any of these things ring true to you, I’d be very glad to hear from you .

I also practice individual psychotherapy for depression or anxiety, and help with stress management, addiction and recovery, and co-dependency.

" I consider myself extremely fortunate to have her as my therapist." (Yelp review)

Located in Manhattan, at 286 Fifth Avenue. Traditional Medicare accepted.

Call for a free telephone consultation: 212-243-4122

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