Why do People Cheat?

With the divorce rate skyrocketing, being in a happy and healthy monogamous relationship doesn't always feel like the norm. Rather than work out their issues, some couples just throw in the towel and put their relationships and marriages behind them...


How a Couple can Survive an Affair

When it comes to relationships, there's a reason why one of the hardest obstacles to overcome is infidelity. There's nothing worse than being hit with betrayal, that loss of trust—especially when you never saw it coming. And we get it. Being able to devote yourself to your partner fully and love them unconditionally, only to have that bond thrown away so carelessly is just the worst...


How Can Couples Learn to Fight Fair?

It doesn't matter how long you've been together. At some point in your marriage, you hit a road block that sets you and your partner back.

Just when you think the worst of the storm is over, another MAJOR issue comes crashing in.

Nowadays, all you do is fight. You have more days when your marriage resembles a battlefield than not.

It's hard not wondering whether or not this will be the argument that finally tears you apart...


Can we forgive each other?

Scholars, mental health practitioners, religions and world leaders alike all hold up forgiveness as a cornerstone goal we must embrace in our relationships if we ever wish to create a society we're proud to raise our children in. And yet, forgiveness is hard! No matter how much you agree it's "the right thing," we all struggle with it...


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